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Purple Acorn Canvases is a family owned business. We started in 2017. Our business came from humble beginnings to one of South Africa’s biggest and most reliable canvas printing companies. Our canvases have also been sent as far as Australia. With minimal marketing and only relying mostly on word-of-mouth, we have gone from strength to strength.

Our motto from day one “Affordable canvas printing at the highest quality”. We aim to change the view of PAY CHEAP PRICES AND YOU’LL PAY MORE IN THE LONG RUN. We produce a high quality product that will FOREVER YOUR MEMORIES on our canvases!

We are proud of every canvas that has been printed and treat every canvas as if it is our first. Oh, how we remember our humble beginnings. Ordering our canvas prints from one company and our frames from another. Today we print our own canvases with our own Epson T7200 SureColor printer, and make our own frames. We have truly developed from a small middle man to a Proudly South African Manufacturer.

The Epson SureColor is one of the best picture printing printers on the market. It is specifically designed for high quality photo printing. Ever evolving we have grown into a supplier to a large network of resellers. Every reseller make their own price and do it under their own business. A vast majority of our resellers has become quite successful in their chosen direction as canvas printing as a massive field in which you can be creative in earning a living or even if you just wish to have some extra spending per month.

Try us and you will never need to find another Canvas Printing company again, GUARANTEED!!

As a result of Covid-19 and the Pandemic we had to expand our Business and go into different directions. We have added TWO Categories namely Corporate Clothing and Gifts and Medical Items such as Sanitizers, Vitamins, Baby Products ETC.

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