What size will ensure a good quality print?

The size of the image required all depends on the size canvas you want to print. For small canvas prints up to size A2 or A1, an image that is at a size of 500kb – 1MB is usually perfectly fine. For larger prints, from size A1 and up, anything over 1MB – 2MB or larger is acceptable.

The resolution of the image is also very important. An image with 100dpi, at the actual size, will be suitable for smaller canvas printing. The higher the resolution of the image, the more defined the quality will be, so if you are able to provide an image with a high resolution of 300dpi then that is great.

To check the size and resolution of an image you need to save it to your PC, right click on it, select properties and then you will find the image size under the ‘general’ tab and resolution and image dimensions under the ‘details’ tab.

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